The Hyper-Calorie Menu

if you have to eat

make it enjoyable

… recipes for people who want to a lil’ more love

why this menu?

An issue that is specific to Cystic Fibrosis is that we usually struggle to stay at a healthy weight. Some people can be worryingly underweight and others are over-weight, there’s not one rule. But what was real was my fear of food when I was a kid.

Every time I ate, I was in pain.

So pretty soon I made up my mind that I didn’t want to eat. It is very common for CF kids to have feeding tubes during their middle school and teen years, but my mother fought against it and decided I would enjoy a meal with my family like everyone else. So sometimes it was a bit rocky … I once lost 6kg in seven days because of an infection… but in the end I’ve learned to manage it. With the help of a very interesting diet…

These recipes focus on tasting like heaven and having as many calories in one bite as possible. So “healthy” may look different on my end… no need to judge. These recipes are also meant to convince you to eat because it’s tasty instead of utilitarian. Hopefully show the creative and fun side of cooking.

Now these are my recipes but let me know yours and we can make a feel good cook book!

three steps to eating with the heart

take your time with your food – what’s on your plate isn’t a nightmare that you’re trying to avoid… if it’s challenging then take the pressure off, take little bites at a time and do something whilst you eat… if you get nauseas easily sometimes eating a meal cold is easier.

give into your guilty pleasure – find the one thing you enjoy the most and try to include it in meals when you don’t feel as motivated to eat… or simply include it in everything and my lack of self-control is why so many of these recipes include cheese …

eat or cook with loved ones – make it a social moment with your housemate, a learning curve with a partner or a prank war with a sibling. Take the focus away from eating…

*discussion with a doctor when I was 9*

“she needs to eat more” – doctor

“the only thing she is willing to eat are the french fries from mcdonalds… i can’t give her that everyday?” – my mother

“why not?” – doctor


needs come in all shapes and sizes

The Mighty Jacket Potato

Dishing out the secrets of a little CF twist on the iconic British Jacket Potato. Indulgence galore…

more recipes coming soon

tell me about your

favourite recipes

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