i dare you to tell me

what is right and wrong

… as if it were a fact

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I feel like we have become too doubtful of our own hearts and minds, and yes, it is scary to take a risk, but the idea that we all have exactly mirrored needs and desires is delusional and makes you blind to the rainbows of the world if you just nodded your head as you read this line.

I do not believe there is a sort of “correct” way to go through life, and if you are living what you truly believe and not harming anyone in the process then that’s good enough for me to say you are correct in your living. 

We have become too accustomed to the monotony of life and too used to saying it’s “just life”. It’s been so harmful that we have become numb to a lot of the suffering, but I don’t want to live climbing up the ladder of shoulds and musts. I also don’t want to need something to be justified to go after it. I want desire and dreaming to lead me forwards. 

An opinion cannot be wrong just as it cannot be a fact. It can be uneducated, judgemental or mean. But not wrong or untrue.


Basically what I’m saying is…

We’re all a little weird, but it doesn’t mean we are crazy or wrong.

This blog will be my little slice of weird that colours the world.

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