i dare you to tell me

what is right and wrong

… as if it were a fact

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I feel like we have become too doubtful of our own heart and mind, and yes, it is scary to take a risk, but the idea that we all have similar needs and desires and therefore that there is a sort “correct” way to go through life is harmful. 

So, harmful that we have become numb to a lot of the suffering, saying it’s “just life” but I don’t really want to live climbing up the ladder of shoulds and musts. I don’t want to need something to be justified to go after it. Wanting something for yourself is completely valid. 

An opinion cannot be wrong just as it cannot be a fact. It can be uneducated, judgemental or mean. But not wrong or untrue.


Basically what I’m saying is…

We’re all a little weird, but it doesn’t mean we are crazy or wrong.

This blog will be my little slice of weird that colours the world.

the latest posts…

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    I was never good at texting back but I thought I would be better at being on here… I guess that takes the same kind of abilities in the end. I dipped out, I’m sorry. I’m back, now.
  • The Tale of the Emla Fairy
    I never thought that I would write something about my fear of needles and it end up being a cute and positive post. This was a phobia that controlled me emotionally for my whole life and it could truly make me mean and nasty. I didn’t expect getting past it now or anytime soon, really. But it happened and it was a good experience. So, I thought I’d share it with you…

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